17 December 2013


Five years ago I started studying photography, looking back I should be giving my friends eternal gratitude for the things I put them through "modelling" for me! Wearing summer clothes in the middle of a storm down a rocky beach, back-combing hair to beyond help status and make-up that looked like it was applied in the dark (Bridget Jones - back of taxi - in a panic - style) I like to think that faze in my experimental early career didn't last too long...

Three years ago I began my degree in Photography for Fashion and Advertising. As first years go it was more about late nights and horrendous hangover food. Luckily by the time my third and final year rolled around, I had the opportunity to work with a brilliant team of creative people, make-up artists, models and hair-stylists who helped bring my final major project, Walk the Winds, to life. 

Currently, I am sat in the back of my camper-wagon, backpacking around Australia. I am attempting to document and share all the inspiring things I see while holding on to every blessed experience. 


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