28 December 2013


Pirate Boats. Sydney Harbour. Sunset. Live Music. Great Food. 

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sailing on a 1940s vintage sail boat around Sydney Harbour. An open bar, plenty of good food flowing and the scenic skyline made it a night never to forget! 

Armed with my mini snapper I attempted to grab some shots in the fading light. Then Andrew (the partner in crime) pipes up with a very true statement... 

"Thats the problem with photographers, you never stop to enjoy the moment, its all about the shot."

So I put down my camera and let the scene wash over me, without a lens in the way, it felt quite refreshing and I think I have my first New Years resolution. 

Have any of you bloggers out there found yours yet? 



  1. I know what you mean about not being able to enjoy the moment when the camera's around - great photos btw!!

    It looks very fun, would love to go on something like this.

    As for new year resolutions - more enjoying the moment, more discipline but also to be more daring!

    1. Thanks Chelsea!

      I definitely recommend it - Going through this experience, I recommend for everyone to go travelling at some point in their life!

      That is a fab New Years Resolution, especially to be more daring! I have finally been able to add you to my blog list - looking forward to seeing your resolutions coming to life!




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