7 January 2014


Karooma, Family & Mysterious Mountains. 

This week we have finally been able to catch up with some long distance family. You will not find a more loving & generous couple as Uncle Bill & Aunty Gwlad! They live near the borders of the magical Blue Mountains, which we were lucky enough to visit today. 

At the lookout from Katoomba, the clouds were drifting lazily across the mountain range and the rain forest tree tops were breaking through. As soon as there was a clearing I quickly grabbed the camera and caught some of the breathtaking lookout views. The drop to the valley below was filled with different shades of green. I tried my best to capture the magic of the mountains but emotion doesn't transfer easily through photography! 

We later traveled down to Leura to grab a blueberry muffin & a milkshake! The little town is full of cute gift shops, art galleries and book shops. I picked up a new 2014 calendar, twelve months of amazing Aboriginal artwork based on tribe legends or "Tales of the Dreamtime". 

My favourite legend is "The Moonlight Billabong" it has a message of being respectful, uncomplaining and peace-loving. The story is about a small tribe that were suffering through a drought, the animals that were normally hunted for food had all left with the water. Other tribes in the area would hunt on their land, knowing they were a peaceful people. The tribe danced for the spirits and waited days for a reply. Finally The Great Spirit spoke to the tribe elders and every night the tribe was granted fresh water and plenty of animals to hunt, this gift could not be seen by the neighbouring tribes. 

I look forward to learning more about the old tribe stories!


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