25 January 2014


Crystal Showers. Waterfalls. Rainforest. 

This weekend has been full of hiking trails, my toned butt will thank me later. Jumping out of the car at our first stop, Danger Falls, Dorrigo, we were energetic, camera charged and ready to explore. Four hours later emerging from the Dorrigo National Park down the road, we were exhausted, sweaty and nature satisfied. 

After a brief climb down the mountain we rewarded ourselves with what can only be described as glacial bathing. Ice cold water cascading over the cliff into the lagoon below, refreshing! Once back at the car and a little life returned to our bodies, we drove the 2k to the start of the National Park.

Starting at the Skywalk overlooking the mountains and valleys below we ventured into the rainforest. The walking trip lasting almost 6k, covering all types of terrain, leading past three more beautiful waterfalls, over suspended bridges and through forest bushes. Would certainly recommend!

The fact that the walk was creature free (no snakes/spiders revealed themselves) was also a bonus, though we did see a wallaby! 


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