25 January 2014


Animal Lover. Conservation. Community.

While stopping in Port Macquarie I was keen to visit the Koala Hospital. I had heard they allow volunteers and was eager to apply, sadly the minimum time to volunteer was 1 month and we need to keep moving North to find work. 

Arriving at the Hospital it was clear there is a strong sense of belonging and team work in the community. All of the staff there are volunteers, a few hundred in total! 

At 3pm we joined the guided talk of the enclosures learning more about the Koalas, how them come to be there and what is being done to secure their survival. We met some of the live in residents, some have been caught in forest fires and are unable to be released because of the damage to their paws, others cannot be taken home because the forest doesn't exist by the time they can be released due to logging. 

Overall the environment they were recovering in had plenty of fresh leaves and space, always positive to see. From the medical board plenty were due to be released too, unfortunately a lot of them ended up in there because of human cause, cars, dogs and loss of habitat. 

Doing our little bit to protect the wildlife (& our car!) of accidents occurring, we have made a conscious effort to avoid driving at night.


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