16 January 2014


Beach Days. Salty Hair. Sun Kissed skin. Inspiration.

This week has been spent recovering from the busy city of Sydney. We are currently based in Newcastle, on our last night here already! After a few days spent surfing, I have been creating our route North, and a very exciting road trip it is! Will be posting more updates here so stay tuned. 

Newcastle was our base while waiting for New Year. It's the type of place where you can become best friends sitting next to someone on a buss stop, walk barefoot around town & stargaze with the clearest view of the moon I have seen in a long time. We will be sad to leave. 

In less than a month I will be at the beautiful Byron Bay. All my favourite Instagram accounts call it their home, Spell & the Gypsy , Hope & May, the list goes on! I can't wait to visit. 

Until that wonderful day comes I have been inspired by my trip to start creating some art. I am currently searching for the perfect notebook & am regretting not packing my coloured pastels! It makes a change from living in the digital world of photography. 

There will also be some tutorials coming showing how to handmake some quirky little items. From having to adapt to living in a car, I have had to make it as comfortable as possible & filling it with my favourite things helps! 

What a productive week! 


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