21 January 2014


Sleepy Towns. Gentle Giants. Exploring. 

A recent road trip on the Pacific Hwy lead us to a cluster of sleepy towns, Taree and Wingham were especially interesting, all I can say is that it was like stepping back in time. 

Outfit choice was a little 80s with my Casio watch & jazzy print shorts. As it was a lazy Sunday all the shops were closed & absolutely no one around but that only aloud me to stare, mouth open in wonder at all the vintage shop displays and signs. 

Just minutes from the town centre is Wingham Lake Reserve. A little walk past a Lagoon leads you to the beginning of a nature trail. The area is known for it's Flying Fox (bats) population, and looking up from the boardwalk it was clear to see why. There were hundreds of bats, hanging from the trees around your head as you explore the bush. After an extremely quick walk, the area opened up to a cluster of the biggest trees I had ever seen. The picture above does not do its size justice. 

Plan for the week: Head North - Surfers Paradise i'm coming for ya. 


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