9 January 2014


Candy Floss. Fairy Lights. Live Music. Bouncy Castles.

Yesterday we went & checked out the first day of the Sydney 2014 festival & we were not disappointed. It has been a few years since I have been able to go on an adult friendly bouncy castle, excluding some alcohol related incidences. This particular bouncy castle is HUGE...& in the shape of Stonehenge? Why? But it felt amazing to run around and blend in with other "adults" all with an identical look of exhilaration. 

There were also plenty of places to grab food, you could enjoy anything from American hotdogs to candy floss while sitting on a deck chair, under a colourful umbrella. My favourite was the library corner, a few shelves positioned under the shade of some trees with rows and rows of books of every kind. It was easy to get distracted by everything else on offer, like the Circus, Folk in a Box and Art Installations, luckily it is on for a while! Ahh Summer. 


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