2 January 2014


Birthday Treats.

It's my Birthday! 22 years young. After a few tears escaped from opening cards & having a very out of tune verse of "happy birthday" sang down skype...the day was spent at Taronga Zoo. I spent about five hours running from one enclosure to the next so am using my well needed rest, back at the car, to share some pictures of the day! 

The animals were being wonderfully photogenic, Chimps showing off their babies, Seal Lions being active around their enclosure and my personal favourite - the heard of elephants that were playing together, the two calfs being extremely mischievous. 

The zoo had one of the best views of Sydney Harbour and I finally captured the skyline shot that I had wanted ever since we arrived. 

It was extra humid which as a winter baby back in the UK I was not used to having a Summer Birthday! Outfit of choice, a simple navy camisole & a handmade metal necklace. Now for a relaxing evening watching the waves. 


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  1. Happy b-lated! I think it's amazing that you're travelling through it. Loved your new year post too. Awesome photos! Be safe and have fun.




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