23 February 2014


Byron Bay//Crystals//Surf & Sunsets.

After three weeks of intense farm labour my body was screaming to return to the coast, where better to rejuvenate than Byron Bay? 

For the past year I have been following some awesome bohemian fashion Instagram accounts & this week I finally got to visit them. You can see pictures from my week in Byron through my insta link at the top ^ ( Hope&May & Spell & the Gypsy - to name a few!)As a traveller on a budget it took immense strength to resist the gems on offer, particularly the crystal necklaces that decorated every other delicious shop window. They are however placed firmly on my wish list - I will be a proud owner one day! One thing which I couldn't leave behind was a new pair of the softest dungarees I have ever worn, and will wear until they are falling apart no matter what fashion says. 90s kids eh. 

While in the shire we explored the surrounding area including a trek up to the lighthouse. On the way we were treated to sights of wild turtles, dolphins and stingrays all playing in the shallows. On the return journey from our humid climb we headed straight for the crystal clear ocean & were further surprised by its bath warm temperature - The first time on our trip North where there hasn't been a cold sting. 

Completing our week in Byron was a gentle surf, it felt so good to stretch out and be a water baby again. Salt cures everything.


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