19 March 2014


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This week an awesome competition was brought to my attention by the lovely people at The Bloggers Lounge - Together with Round the World Experts they have created a competition for you to go wild with your imagination to blog about your dream travel itinerary. As a travel and lifestyle blogger, I couldn't wait to get involved. Here is my entry of my dream travel itinerary, which from last November has become my reality. 

We arrived in Australia just in time for summer, just in time for lazy days at the beach, hitting the surf, getting lost in new and exciting cities before ending the day with evenings spent stargazing.

From Melbourne we headed North with only one plan, seeing out the New Year in Sydney. The harbour was littered with party goers, there was hardly any room to move! Luckily my partner, Andrew, had thought ahead and booked for us to spend the evening at the Opera Bar. Live music, great food and a fantastic view of the famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Photography being my passion, camera ready we waited in anticipation for the greatest firework show on earth, believe me it didn't disappoint.
You can't say you have travelled Australia without catching a few breaks on its famous beaches. We headed to Bondi beach to buy our very first mini malibu surf boards and have been attempting to master the crafty sport since. It is a lot harder than it looks! Arriving at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, just in time to watch the 2014 Roxy pro surf athletes in action. It was the perfect opportunity to see how its done. But thats not all the Gold Coast had to offer, we explored glow worm caves up in the mountains, spent days in and out of the Gold Coast theme parks and collapsed at sunset watching the waves off one of the many beaches on the strip, sipping on a frozen coke, the best invention ever for $1. 

That was my reality, now for the rest of our itinerary, the plan is to keep heading North along the East coast of Australia. We have been daring and completed a skydive, which seems to have become a right of passage for a traveller and are curious to find more thrills along the way. We can't wait to see what the many coastal towns along the way have to offer. 

Fast forward to August when we leave Darwin for the small Indonesian Island of Bali. Here the plan is to explore some ancient 11th century monuments, shop in some of the vibrant markets south of the island and visit the monkey temples (apparently the monkeys are quite cheeky and will take more than bananas off you, such as jewellery, cameras...!). I can't wait to discover all that this exotic place has to offer. 
Arriving back in Darwin, we will then leave for our outback adventure. Long sandy desert roads, humid temperatures and hopefully a fully reliable Gus (our car)! All to see the famous Uluru (Ayers Rock), though I am sure there will be a few unexpected sights along the way. After watching sunset and sunrise over Uluru, we will continue to drive to South Australia, to round off our trip with the cosmopolitan cities of Adelaide and Melbourne, with all that the great ocean road has to offer in between. 

Yet the trip of a lifetime doesn't end there. By October it will be time to fly to New Zealand. Exploring the beautiful hills of the northern region then stopping in on The Hobbit film set. The film geek in me will be going wild. This stage of the itinerary is still under construction, after all a traveller has all the time in the world to plan an adventure. One thing we do know is that by November we will be ditching the shorts and t-shirts for some winter thermals to arrive at the mountains of Banff, British Columbia, Canada. 
The ski season would have just begun, fresh snow will cover the mountains and the days of camping in the back of the car will be behind us. From now on we would be working in the hospitality industry by morning and by day working on our thighs of steel up in the mountains, in the best ski resort in the world. Goodbye long humid nights and warm drinking water, hello to new knitted jumpers, hot chocolate and evenings spent by the fire. 

At the end of the winter season our epic adventure will draw to a close, but not before one last trip. A few weeks in The Big Apple, New York City; Central Park, iconic buildings and plenty of coffee, perfection.

Two people, one epic adventure, around the world. 


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