8 March 2014


Brisbane // Road Trip // Botanic Gardens

Yesterday I got my first chance to explore a new city on this adventure. Starting at Mt Coo-tha, a lookout showing amazing panoramic views of Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs & rivers. We then traveled down the road to one of the two Botanic Gardens in the city. We saw just a glimpse of the 52 hectares of land, exploring the glass rainforest dome, the large lagoon, the japanese gardens and bonsai house. I couldn't leave without taking a colourful photo of my favourite flower. 

Brisbane centre is another cosmopolitan city with a large pedestrian friendly (no cars) main street filled with a large variety of stores. Ever since I was little my weakness when it comes to shopping, is weirdly stationary. I'm not sure how many others out there would agree, but the excited feeling of love I get when I see a new beautiful notebook, art supplies etc comes close to how much I love chocolate. A lot. You may have heard of the store, Typo, well I was compared to acting like a child in Disneyland. 

Currently back at the Gold Coast till the weekend then getting my next fill of city life next week. Time to relax at the pool. 


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