12 March 2014


Sea World // Wet&Wild // Movie World

Catching up on my Gold coast adventures. 

First stop was Sea World, a mixture of marine animals & roller-coasters. Playful polar bear cubs, dolphin shows and underwater lagoons are just some of the things to see. A brand new attraction, Storm, is a must do for thrill seekers (who don't mind getting a little wet) then you can relax for an afternoon with a frozen coke, my new favourite treat.  

When the weather reached new humidity levels we felt it was time to cool off at Wet & Wild. There are about 5 thrill seeker water rides, but one particular ride that I have to share with you is kamikaze. While queuing I was surprised at the amount of brave woman going down backwards (double seat rubber ring)until I got to the top and realised it was lightest first. Great. So the water ride is pretty quick, over in 15 seconds, but the sheer drop becomes even more horrific when you can't see it coming. After that ordeal I collapsed in the lazy river to recover.

Movie World quickly became my personal favourite. In the Warner Brother studios you are surrounded by the Marvel super team & loony tunes. The superman ride shoots at such a speed you loose your breath, the wild west log flume has the biggest drop I have seen yet & there is a brilliant twist to what I thought was a standard family friendly Scooby Doo coaster, that turned out to be a thrill seeker ride where you get lifted into the air in your cart, travels backwards and forwards before being launched into a big dark space with twists and drops. 

With unlimited entry until June for just $109 dollars each, the price is perfect for travellers on a budget. We will be back for more action later on in the year! 


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