21 April 2014


Strawberries // Sunsets // Puppy Love

Where has April gone!? I have been quiet on the blogging scene recently due to some intense farm labour just south of the Sunshine Coast. Im taking the short time off we have been given this week to attempt keep up to date!

For the past three weeks we have been planting over 1 million strawberry plants. Plenty of deep heat and painkillers were in order to balance the hundreds of squats we were doing every day. Plus side we now have thighs of steel, a negative, I will never be able to remove the dirt from my nails. 

We have met some pretty awesome travellers here for all over the world. The picture above was taken after we planted in a cyclone rain storm! Another bonus of working here, there is a new litter of labrador puppies, eight incredibly cheeky four week old puppies to play with, I am incredibly dog broody. 

This week we have some time off so we are hitting the Gold Coast again for one last time, going to a drive in cinema near Brisbane & catching some surf & sunsets before work begins again. 


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