24 July 2014


// The Great Barrier Reef //

This week we were finally able to complete another huge tick off our Bucket list - The Great Barrier Reef! We spent the day at the outer ribbon reef off the coast of Port Douglas, north of Cairns. So much colour & variety!

Our tour operator of choice was the Silversonic Quicksilver catamaran. They give you about 5 hours out on the reef, taking you to three different locations. They also gave small introductions to the kinds of life living below & the types of coral to keep an eye out for. We even held a huge sea cucumber! 

One site, Triggerfish City, was badly damaged by a cyclone a few years back. Sadly the destruction is still clear. However Turtle Bay is a must see for diving/snorkelling - While everyone was digging into a hot buffet onboard, me & Andrew jumped back in and managed to see an awesome turtle. It was a totally incredible experience to swim with him in the wild. 

The rest of the day was spent duck diving attempting to catch clear images of the colourful fish, sadly the GoPro couldn't quite capture the beauty but it's not something Im going to forget very quickly. We hunted down most of the living creatures from "Finding Nemo" including swimming with "Bruce" the Shark!

We were a little short of time & money at this stage of the trip, it would have been amazing to experience the inner reef too, I would love to hear from anyone who has done a similar experience - is it worth the extra money for the outer reef tour?


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