1 July 2014


East Coast Adventures

It has been a crazy few days travelling up the Bruce Highway on the East Coast. Finally with some time in the Townsville library I can catch up on some posts & recharge! 

Saturday started off with a slightly bumpy start. We travelled the 40k off the main highway North to Hervey Bay (for some early whale watching)...once we arrived we realised that we had already visited! So after a quick food shop & a break from driving we agreed it was best to double check our planned route so it didn't happen again.

After a few more hours we arrived in the cowboy town of Rockhampton. Famous for being the beef capitol of Australia, the drive into town passed a lot of ranches and very big cattle. The people of Rockhampton reflected this lifestyle, with their large cowboy hats, even larger belt buckles and bootcut jeans. 

With the crazy amount of distance travelled in just a few days, we stopped at Mackay to relax at Eimeo beach. With the weather down south turning colder as we head into winter, the sun warming our skin was a refreshing change. That night we had the pleasure of sleeping right next to a refrigerated road train...the joys of free camping.

Arlie Beach was next on the list. Known as the stepping off point for the Whitsunday Paradise Islands (as well as being a great place for a night out). The beach itself was a disappointment, very gritty & surprising small, but the water was the most beautiful aqua colour. After spending the morning walking around the town & bay, we left to get a decent spot at a popular rest area 15k south of Townsville. Where we slept like the dead. 

Which brings me up to date! Today we have just arrived in Townsville so there is some exploring to be done.


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