23 July 2014


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Reflecting on my eighth month in Australia, I realised there are a lot of things I wish I knew before I left home. The usual "I packed too much" & "I wish I brought that instead" comes to mind. This post is the perfect way to sum up the important things to think of packing when leaving on a world adventure.  

So here is my "Five Things I Wish I Packed Before I Travelled..." list. 

1# Extension Lead : It might sound like the obvious choice, but I thought the single world plug adapter I brought, would do the job just fine. In hindsight having the extra few spaces for all my english plug technology would be magical. 

2# Notebook : I find blogging a great way to digitally imprint my travels with imagery and writing, however I find that keeping a written diary of the places I have visited, as well as the dates etc is a nice way to look back on the trip in a much more personal way. 

3# Masking Tape: Travelling for a few months isn't just hardwearing on yourself...having a bit of masking tape in your bag has its benefits when a technology cable breaks/comes loose, or you need to stick something back together in the car. It is quite incredible the amount of DIY you get involved in. 

4# Pack less clothes: Seriously. Other travellers may have advised this to you already & you could be thinking but I reallly need this, you don't. Chances are you are going to be wearing the same T-shirt & shorts for a week on end. 1 jumper, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts etc  

5# (& Finally!) A Stainless Steal Cooking Pan : Admittedly this item can be bought once arriving... the original cooking pan we purchased was a nice cheap model, however after a few meals the black lining on the inside of the pan started to flake away. We ate bits of pan for a few months before finally giving in & buying a beautiful stainless steel one, which hasn't let us down yet! 

And Of course leave some room for your camera...


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