27 August 2014


|| Snow | Ski | Fitness ||

After ten months living the life of a traveller my body has changed dramatically. The biggest change was firstly the australian summer climate, I was guzzling tones more water than I ever did back in the Uk. The second was walking, exploring, sight-seeing and the introduction of surfing, all having major impacts in dramatic weight loss without ever consciously planning on loosing any. 

At a height of 5'9 my weight was distributed at 11 stone, my bust was a generous 34DD and importantly I felt comfortable in my skin. I would exercise 2/3 times a week and still indulge in the sweeter things in life, mainly involving a slight addiction to chocolate buttons. Within weeks of my new lifestyle I had dropped to 9 and a half stone, I looked bony, i'm sure my head looked too big for my body, my bust had shrunk to a 32B and all my clothes that I had trekked to the other side of the world were hanging off me. When the time came to earn some money by working on a few farms, I managed to relax my bank balance add some more calories to my diet and have now stabilised my weight at a healthy 10 stone. 

This week we got the news that Andrew has finally secured his Canadian Visa, so in November we will be heading to Banff to work the 2014/15 season. Between working and the mountains, the biggest thing I am looking forward to, is being able to make the most of my employee discount at the local gym & having access to a kitchen again! Luxury. 

Already I have started making a list of my favourite nutritionists, Lola Berry being at the top, and female gym gurus to guide me on my journey. I never thought I would ever miss in the near future, there may be the occasional post appearing with progress, goals and delicious meals! Exciting times to come. 


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