22 August 2014


|| Happy Soul ||

While on one of the most craziest adventures of my life I was lucky enough to come face to face with the most beautiful creatures on the planet. 

The Elephant Safari Park Lodge, located just North of Ubud, Bali, offers the most incredible experience for their guests. The park was created to protect the native elephants in the area, with the aim of preserving these magnificent animals in the most healthy way possible. 

Each day the elephants have a wash and swim, which the guest are encouraged to join in with. It was clear to see how much the elephants were enjoying themselves & to see how a creature so big can turn into such a big water baby was worth every penny! 

We were privileged enough to watch a unique wedding ceremony and had our own escort, the beautiful Tia Maria, take us to dinner that evening, set in the incredible landscaped gardens.

Thank you to the trainers who made our stay so enjoyable, with memories that we will never forget, and a huge thank you to the biggest personalities we will ever meet again, Tia Maria, Romana, Debbie, Daisy and family. 


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