22 August 2014


|| Forest Life ||

Before arriving in Bali we had already heard stories about the legendary Monkey Forest in Ubud; A place of tropical trees, charismatic monkeys and ancient temples. What we witnessed were some intense scenes of fast violent mating and tourists being brave/foolish when offering the monkeys a delicious banana…then laughing at the mugging, snatching and fighting that followed.

The forest was beautiful. The whole area is covered in a rich green moss because of the climate, if your visiting, be prepared for a very green photo album. It was like stepping into a scene from the Jungle Book with monkeys chasing each other through the trees above you, running around on the temple floor, I waited for them to break into dance but it didn’t happen that day…

Tips for the forest…

Take NO food. They will smell it a mile off and the big dudes have attitude. Instead sit back and watch the terror unfold at the poor souls buying the bananas.

Watch your bags. The monkeys have mastered the art of opening a zip. Tourists have witnessed them working in a team to carry a large backpack away from its owner…

Lastly be wary of the bigger monkeys, they have a good set of teeth on them. The babies are very curious and will climb onto you regardless of food. My experience involved a bigger monkey scaring the baby away then biting my dress…



  1. I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Enjoy answering my questions and keep blogging :)

    1. Thank you so much for the Nomination Charlotte! I will be sure to answer your Q's & send on asap :)




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