24 August 2014


|| Rice Fields | Dance Performances | Coconuts ||

Looking back through my pictures, Ubud was the highlight of my trip to Bali. The Unique Homestay was our base for accommodation, the room we slept in had the most incredible carved door & mouth-watering banana pancakes which I would recommend to anyone.  Based right in the centre of Ubud, surrounded by markets, amazing places to eat, rice fields, monkeys and elephants up the road it was unlike any destination I have ever been too.

During our four-day stay we got to experience a traditional Balinese dance performance in the Water Temple. The music takes some getting used to and is a little repetitive, there are many performances on at different nights in the week and some are better than others so try to do your research. This one in particular had an orchestra that looked a little bored, but the costumes were colourful and the dancers were well rehearsed. An evening followed up with a Bali Bintang Beer was an evening well spent.

The Trip Adviser phone App became our Go-to device when choosing places to eat, it didn’t fail, we ate amazing authentic Italian, Mexican, and plenty of delicious Indonesian food at prices that would almost tempt a local.

I had my first experience of haggling and became quite the pro over the next two weeks. A few tips for haggling that I found useful were…

Go first thing in the morning when the stalls are opening. Balinese people can be very superstitious and would hate the bad luck of not achieving the first sale. They will offer you a good price and will be more likely to be flexible.

Carry a shopping bag up and down the market streets when looking for things to buy, the stall sellers will see you have made a purchase & that you have experience in haggling, their offers will still be high but you can enjoy the fun of bartering.

Lastly have an idea of what the item is worth before you get into a negotiation & remember the exchange rate, try not to get too hung up over 10-20 cents.  Remember once you have reached a deal you have to buy.


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