22 September 2014


| Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer |

After the year I've had, I can fully appreciate how true that saying really is. This week we have finally arrived back where it all began, Melbourne. We have come full circle since we left 10 months ago - it seems unreal that so much time has passed so quickly.

I wanted to put a post together of the most memorable moments of the trip. Hopefully it will start to sink in that I've actually done it! Three years of saving, including one year of planning, and I'm half way through. 

The first image was taken just after I tried out my new Longboard. I was recovering in the ocean after all my tumbles and salty fluid intake...

The next images follow a timeline, to us arriving in Sydney for the first time & taking a vintage boat for a sunset dinner around the harbour, to exploring rainforest waterfalls and paradise beaches - even landing on one after our skydive!  

I could't miss our awesome turtle friend off the list. Swimming with him (or her!) at the Great Barrier Reef was such an incredible experience, & extremely lucky he was hard to find! 

I will forever remember the sunsets, watching the sky changing colours in hundreds of different locations around Australia, including the dessert drive to Uluru. 

Out of all these experiences, I think Bali comes in at #1. Elephants - wow. So much love for these incredible creatures. The culture, the food, the hospitality will all be cherished and makes for an unforgettable trip.  

The Great Ocean Road highlighted an end to our list of things to do in Australia. Getting a hit of the fresh ocean air after the long outback trip was a relief in itself.    

This year has changed me. I have learnt to appreciate the journey & not just the destination. I have stuck out my new years resolution: To enjoy the moment rather than get the camera shot! (partly because my camera is on the blink & needs sending away)& I am finding that I am filled with new passion, inspiration & ideas for my career & future that I didn't have before. 

Currently creating a whole new bucket list for the next half of the trip. I hope you will share in the adventure with me. 


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