5 September 2014


|| Outback Trippin || 

This week we finally made the long descent South through the Australian Outback. It was long. Really long. Our journey took us from Darwin, stopping at Daly Waters (awesome pub - read previous post The North ) then onto Devil's Marbles, Alice Springs, the great Uluru before finally reaching the wide desolate lands of the South Australia Territory. 

While driving in the outback the journey gets pretty tiresome, the landscape rarely changes, you can barely see the end of the road at times. As our car radio ariel fell off a longgg time ago, we took to playing the traditional car games of eye spy and singing songs from the oldies until they became unbearable. A new game which held its enjoyment for a few hours was Guess the species of Roadkill. 

Uluru has become a kind of must see when travelling Australia. The road leading West towards the national park starts to get interesting when you appear to have reached Ayers Rock/Uluru sooner than expected...once we realised it was in fact Mt Connor it was clear we were one of a few who made the same mistake and stared sheepishly out the car to each other...

Arriving just in time for sunset we spent the next hour documenting the changing colours of the great rock, some surprisingly pretty dessert plants and stared longingly at the grey nomads excellent set up of wine & nibbles.

I am not a morning person. At all. So it was some achievement of Andrews to get me back there the next morning to watch the sunrise & stroll around the information centre reading about the aboriginal tribes history. After filling up our bottles with some funky tasting outback water we were back on the road. 

Our journey took just under 6 days. Now back in the land of civilisation we have been doing happy dances at every cheap petrol station and enjoyed the luxury of drinking water that doesn't taste like ass. 


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