12 October 2014


|| Autumn in Banff National Park ||

After a brief sprint around New Zealand, we have finally arrived in Canada. Its a little colder than what we are used to! The winter sports season starts in a few weeks, but we are here earlier than planned to get started setting up shop in our new retail positions.

We went through a programme called Gap Year Canada to help get us set up with jobs and housing. We are adjusting to having an apartment to live in rather than a car and I was especially over excited to use an oven for the first time in 11 months! Our house mates are slowly starting to arrive and we are making plans to explore Banff and enjoy a Thanksgiving hangover together. 

My landlord offered his camera for the weekend for me to grab a few shots of Banff in Autumn. The photos above were taken just after a forest fire, so the smoke was creating an awesome mist in the mountains. Banff National Park is so beautiful. Now we wait for the snow! 


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