27 October 2014


|| Crystal waters | Snow | Hiking ||

Sunday blogging with some photos from the latest hike at the incredible Lake Louise, Alberta (With Hot Chocolate & Oreos in hand). 

The October weather has seen snow fall come and go up on the mountains, but for this trip we were caught with some flurry which unfortunately started to freeze. Luckily we had packed for the occasion, dressed in our winter best our combination of thermals and waterproofs that did the job well. The walking boots however did not. With the number of other trekkers passing through the route, compacting the snow on the paths, meant it was only a matter of time before I had to resort to crawling up the mountain, twice.  

I have never seen water so pure. The aqua blue of the lake stood out behind the trees as we climbed higher. Passing frozen lakes at the higher altitudes, before finally reaching a small tea house at the top, sadly closed for winter. We waited a few moments to catch our breath, get some photos and mentally prepare for the slide down.

Not a single person made it down the mountain without a slip or a fall. Some had resorted to side stepping the 3k, others mixed it up with a butt slide on all fours... My personal favourite was my incredibly talented friend Melissa throwing some Michael Jackson moves in each fall, for example some involuntary knee slides and semi-backflips. The important thing was that at the end of the day we had all laughed hard, almost to tears.     

That is what weekends are made for. 


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