17 December 2014


|| Happy Birthday to my little blog ||

Time is a funny thing, one moment you could be wishing for it to speed up, waiting for something exciting to happen, other times however you never want it to end.

This year has been insane. It doesn't feel real. 

I am so thankful I decided to start this blog, Some reasons being to keep family & friends in the loop, anther is that my memory is shocking, so this visual diary saved my soul in ways that I can look back on things that were important to me at that time and digest that it was all in fact real & not a dream.

I like to believe that my blog has evolved from being my ramblings with a few photos thrown in, to a creative platform full of inspiration and opportunities. What does the future hold? Plenty more room for adventures, meeting like minded bloggers and a fun filled 2015. 


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