15 December 2014


|| Tender Bruises in Exchange for an Exhilarating Ride || 

Since swopping the salt water for snow powder I have noticed a few changes. The first being the aching of muscles in places I didn't know existed. The second being the amazement of how long it takes a tail bone to heal after a massive stack...though I suppose hitting it in the same place for the next three attempts didn't aid its recovery. 

Even though I miss my daily dose of Aussie lifestyle, defying gravity in the ocean with my fins, I don't regret my decision to move to Canada. I love the extreme temperatures of hot & cold that gives my travelling adventure a wonderful splash of diversity. I love the mountains, the clean air, the views so incredible a picture doesn't do it justice...

Over the past few days things have hyped up in terms of festivity. The Christmas parade has trundled down Banff Ave, the Christmas train has passed though in a whirl of lights, we have had our festive works doo, played a game of Canadian Curling and failed at showing our housemates some Welsh culture by accidentally making scones instead of Welsh cakes... 

I have been itching to try out my new ski poles, so this week it is happening. On Wednesday I finally get to stretch my legs and have a explore around Sunshine Village, no more baby slopes, its back to what I know best...until there is fresh powder at least. 


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