4 February 2015


|| Exploring British Columbia ||

It was a early start to the day to pack the car for BC. The sunrise could be seen slowly creeping above the rockies, changing the sky from black to pink as we drove towards another ski hill, Panorama. 

It was the coldest weather I had felt in a long time. My toes were like ice in my boots. First warm up of the day, we headed straight to a double black diamond run, tackling the humped moguls. Panorama is a mountain in British Columbia built on grade black and double black runs. It didn't take long to warm up. When you are having to take three chair lifts to get to the top, you know you are in for a work out. 

Now the Christmas period is over in work, our schedules have begun to be more flexible. With plenty of resorts dotted around The Rockies, the only thing we need now is a desperate dump of white gold.


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