23 February 2015


|| Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience. || 
 - Ralph W Emerson

While awaiting the fresh powder to reach the mountains, days off have been spent exploring some local trails around Banff. After a late Pancake Day breakfast, a group of us set off to Johnston Canyon to discover for ourselves the frozen falls. The drive down didn't pass without excitement as we rounded a corner and witnessed a family of Moose crossing the road. Being an animal that is rarely seen around town and quite allusive we were super excited, until we realised our cameras were trapped in the boot of the car...
After a quick dash to the back we were able to catch some blurry proof before the Moose quickly shied away into the forest.  

Thanks to the trusted information on the trail conditions from Parks Canada, the miracle invention of a simple snow cleat strapped to my boots saved me hours of tense walking across icy paths. Other hikers were not so fortunate! Good luck to those select few in Ugg Boots.

The walkway led us through a canyon, closely shadowing the partially iced over river, over a bridge, through a small cave until finally arriving at the base of the falls. Once we had gotten our photography fill, we began to head home, stopping at Mt Norquay to check out the views over Banff. We Sat back on little red chairs as the sun attempted to shine through the thick clouds, taking in the view to our back garden.


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