16 March 2015


|| Life is too deep for words, so don't try to describe it, just live it - C.S.Lewis || 

Flying through the remainder of my Canadian Bucket list, this week I finally did some road tripping with my housemates and explored what Jasper had to offer. Leaving Banff in crisp Spring air, we drove through the Bow Valley Parkway, known for spotting wildlife, towards the Columbia Ice fields. Its a scenic route through Banff National Park forests and mountains; the Glaciers are a incredible sight. The crisp winds were freezing our eyelashes and hues of blue were standing out in contrast from the snow. 

Its about a four hour drive to Jasper, so regular stops at lakes and lookouts that were still within hiking distance and not closed off from the snow made up our sight seeing experience. Peyto Lake, normally crystal blue in colour was still frozen over but the views to the mountains surrounding it were worth the hike. 

I finally caved in and joined the selfie stick club...I should have bought one sooner! Capturing our experience on the snow at Marmot Mountain made for some hilarious movie footage when we finally got home. Cant wait to edit it up. 

Who out there has some good GoPro Tips? 


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