8 March 2015


|| She's the road trips she hopes to go on ||

This has been a long Winter. With a few weeks to go until Spring, dog walks, lighter jumpers and longer evenings, I have heard it is about to get colder here in Alberta. huh?

With the temperatures dropping off to -20 again it felt like the perfect time to explore the infamous Hot Springs. The springs are the liquid gold that brought people through Banff in the beginning of the towns history. It was rustic, steam pumped up from the ground and the smell of Sulphur was in the air. It didn't take much to imagine the curiosity of the early explorers climbing through a small hole in the rock to investigate the source of the hot water flowing down the mountain. 

We looked at historic art work, wandered through the boardwalks around the marshland and later absorbed our day with pancakes and hot chocolates. Weekends are a chance to recharge, i'm constantly looking for fresh inspiration and jump at the chance to do something new. After a extra hour sleep in bed of course.

How did you spend your weekend?


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