27 March 2015


|| Collect Moments Not Things ||

Tails were wagging in anticipation, they knew what was about to happen. Cries escaped them, bound to the sledge. Straining. I was just as excited. 

The Snowy Owl dog sledding company, based just outside of Canmore, Alberta, has been running tours with traditional sled dog breeds since the early 80's. It was recommended to us for being a company that truly puts the dogs needs first and cherishes the amazing creatures they are. 

Walking up to the sleighs after our safety pitch, where we were given information on safety & riding the sled, we were finally introduced to the pack. The group clearly shared the same love towards dogs as I do, as we all quickly became hands on, given them love and attention. Me & my partner, Andrew, both had time to be in control of the sled, at some points hanging on for dear life around some sketchy corners. Those pups are strong. Some paws were protected with little "red booties" that were there to protect the softer padding. With the weather merging into spring, the trails are almost coming to a bare muddy end, luckily we were able to experience this all just in time... 


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