1 April 2015


Darling Magazine
By Megan Magers

|| "What if" is addictive, inspiring. An Escape. ||

Mason: Dad, there's no real magic in the world, right?
Dad: What do you mean?
Mason: You know, like elves and stuff. People just made that up. 
Dad: Oh, I don't know. What makes you think that elves are any more magical than something like a whale? You know what I mean? What if I told you a story about how underneath the ocean, there was this giant sea mammal that used sonar and sang songs and it was so big that its heart was the size of a car and you could crawl through the arteries? I mean, you'd think that was pretty magical right? 

                                             - Boyhood


If you really think about it, magic exists all around us in the regular, everyday things. I could list them for pages, - trees, medicine, lungs, memories. Gravity. But we'd rather try to believe in fairy dust and spell books because there has always been a kind of aching attracted to the improbable. "What if" is addictive, inspiring. An escape. 

But I think reality can be just as fascinating, if we let it. 

As much as I wish there were wands and crystal balls, I wouldn't trade the stars. The way a song can make me feel. The ocean. Rain, Language. Maybe astonishing isn't as fictional as we think. Our bodies slow to almost stop during sleep. We fall in love with complete strangers. We travel to the moon. We give birth. 

What a wild thing to be able to believe in such unlikely truths.

Maybe in a way, every morning begins with "Once upon a time..." after all. And thats as remarkable as whatever we came up with as kids playing pretend. Charm doesn't have to be invented or falsified or created from thin air - I think the captivating inexplicable stuff is already right here. 

"Letting our hearts have a capacity for the impossible, might be the treasure map we've always craved."    

And you'd be surprised by how extraordinary this moment can be if you dwell in the allure of normalcy and pursue an appreciation for the commonplace. Letting our hearts have a capacity for the impossible might be the treasure map we've always craved. 

So, don't limit yourself to the fables and comics and stories Disney princesses tell you. Theres a mystical side to all of this glistening in our peripheral vision, waiting to be noticed. 

If you look close enough, you are destined to be awestruck. 

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