13 April 2015


|| Excitement doesn't have a expiry date ||

My lungs expand as I take in my first hit of ocean air in just over six months. 

The West coast of La is bursting with colourful personalities. Our adventure took us from the start, or the end, of Route 66 at Santa Monica, taking in the sights of the pier & vintage arcades, walking South until we hit Venice Beach. Home of the world famous skate park, body building beach gym, and a incredible variety of arts and crafts stalls. It also allowed me to rekindle my fear of seaside birds(why do they have to fly so close!).  

Ever since I started traveling a year and a half ago, I have collected a postcard from every city or town that has inspired me. They will all be collected together when i'm done & put in an album. Im like a magpie for collecting things that trigger laughter and memories. 

Do you have a item that you love to collect when you visit somewhere new? 

H. x

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