7 June 2015


|| It's not Art unless you put your Soul into it. ||

Living in the state of 3 C's - Cozy, Creative & Curious, Wolftree Mag is the perfect companion for a Sunday morning read with a cappuccino & waffles.

Complied with stories, interviews, photography and wanderlust it is a travellers inspiration Bible. 

While reading I was struck by how much some of the stories sounded like poetry and realised that one read was not enough. Armed with a pen and paper I went back through Volume 4. to gather all of the quotes that stood out the most. This post is dedicated to all those humble writers where ever they may be. 

  * * * * *

When I see the ocean or the mountains on my computer screen
and that seems like some other life. 
                                        - Joseph Overmore 

It becomes harder and harder to define
where home is in this seemingly infinite,
expanding and complicated world of ours. 
                                        - Max Lowe

Looking out over endless peaks,
reluctance melted into courage, and a subtle
determination to know this place- this state of 
being - settled into my heart even when my legs
threatened to give out on the descent. 
                                        - Taryn Phaneuf

And these rhythms blend to create what
we call days, and days turn to weeks, and weeks to
years, and the sonnet of lives echoes unheard
within the souls of one-million travelers...
                                         - Stephen Mortland

There are some things within us 
that can only be seen and heard when expressed
through creativity.                                 
Any photographs left behind
will just be a fading record
of an attempt to embrace life and live
                                         - Pattrick Murphy

H. x

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