29 December 2013


Moonlight & Stars. Despicable Me 2. Cookies & Cuddles. 

I have had the wonderful pleasure of ticking off another experience on my bucket list - a Moonlight cinema, under the stars in the wonderful city of Sydney. 

With it being the festive season and all I was happily sat there cuddled up with blankets, sprawled across the grass, eating a hefty bag of cookies. We had the beautiful view of a setting sun & the city skyline behind the most enormous inflatable screen!

The child in me chuckled away at my favourite minions & cartoon unicorns. What a brilliant way to watch a movie, particularly surprised at how amazing the quality was! 

Any bloggers out there had a similar experience!? - or recommend anything just as awesome to do in Syds? 


28 December 2013


Movie Days. Popcorn. Lagoons. Flowers. Ocean. 2014 Dreams. 

My wish came true, I finally got to watch the latest Hobbit movie. It was in the beautiful Ritz cinema in Randwick. It had so many of its original vintage features, something which the UK cinemas are seriously lacking! After a few hours of living in the Hobbit world, I have a new need to become a bad ass Elf...and visit New Zealand. 

Everyone in Sydney is making the most of their time off - the beaches are bustling and car parks are rammed. So we are making the most of exploring hidden beaches and hideaways! 

Here's to 2014 - another wonderful year of travel and adventure. 



Pirate Boats. Sydney Harbour. Sunset. Live Music. Great Food. 

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sailing on a 1940s vintage sail boat around Sydney Harbour. An open bar, plenty of good food flowing and the scenic skyline made it a night never to forget! 

Armed with my mini snapper I attempted to grab some shots in the fading light. Then Andrew (the partner in crime) pipes up with a very true statement... 

"Thats the problem with photographers, you never stop to enjoy the moment, its all about the shot."

So I put down my camera and let the scene wash over me, without a lens in the way, it felt quite refreshing and I think I have my first New Years resolution. 

Have any of you bloggers out there found yours yet? 


24 December 2013


New South Wales. Rainy days. Cooked dinner. Christmas Cards. Festive cheer.  

It has been a Christmas full of surprises. On the Eve of this wonderful day, we sat with some friendly German backpackers who celebrate Christmas eve like we would on Christmas day! 

Merry from a little drop of alcohol, we shared stories of our adventures. They showed us a newspaper clip of them making the front page after saving a beached baby whale! Serious admiration. 

Today the weather has been a little poor, but it hasn't stumped my positive vibes. Character building right there. Now, after dinner it is time for an afternoon of cheesecake and good tunes. 

Merry Christmas Bloggers. 


22 December 2013


Live Music, bunting, fresh food & hand made jewellery. 

This weekend was spent drifting around summer markets in Newcastle. I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful creative people, one of which was Iina (Insta: @iina__designs - pictured last image). 

Iina hand makes each unique design, her brand new collection stretches further than jewellery to leather bound books and even dream catchers. I'm a big fan of Boho style and couldn't miss the chance to share her new project with you. Some serious traveller budget blues. Can't wait to see what comes next! 


18 December 2013


Salty skin. Face full of freckles. Sand in my hair. Summer. 


17 December 2013


Five years ago I started studying photography, looking back I should be giving my friends eternal gratitude for the things I put them through "modelling" for me! Wearing summer clothes in the middle of a storm down a rocky beach, back-combing hair to beyond help status and make-up that looked like it was applied in the dark (Bridget Jones - back of taxi - in a panic - style) I like to think that faze in my experimental early career didn't last too long...

Three years ago I began my degree in Photography for Fashion and Advertising. As first years go it was more about late nights and horrendous hangover food. Luckily by the time my third and final year rolled around, I had the opportunity to work with a brilliant team of creative people, make-up artists, models and hair-stylists who helped bring my final major project, Walk the Winds, to life. 

Currently, I am sat in the back of my camper-wagon, backpacking around Australia. I am attempting to document and share all the inspiring things I see while holding on to every blessed experience. 




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