25 January 2014


Crystal Showers. Waterfalls. Rainforest. 

This weekend has been full of hiking trails, my toned butt will thank me later. Jumping out of the car at our first stop, Danger Falls, Dorrigo, we were energetic, camera charged and ready to explore. Four hours later emerging from the Dorrigo National Park down the road, we were exhausted, sweaty and nature satisfied. 

After a brief climb down the mountain we rewarded ourselves with what can only be described as glacial bathing. Ice cold water cascading over the cliff into the lagoon below, refreshing! Once back at the car and a little life returned to our bodies, we drove the 2k to the start of the National Park.

Starting at the Skywalk overlooking the mountains and valleys below we ventured into the rainforest. The walking trip lasting almost 6k, covering all types of terrain, leading past three more beautiful waterfalls, over suspended bridges and through forest bushes. Would certainly recommend!

The fact that the walk was creature free (no snakes/spiders revealed themselves) was also a bonus, though we did see a wallaby! 



Animal Lover. Conservation. Community.

While stopping in Port Macquarie I was keen to visit the Koala Hospital. I had heard they allow volunteers and was eager to apply, sadly the minimum time to volunteer was 1 month and we need to keep moving North to find work. 

Arriving at the Hospital it was clear there is a strong sense of belonging and team work in the community. All of the staff there are volunteers, a few hundred in total! 

At 3pm we joined the guided talk of the enclosures learning more about the Koalas, how them come to be there and what is being done to secure their survival. We met some of the live in residents, some have been caught in forest fires and are unable to be released because of the damage to their paws, others cannot be taken home because the forest doesn't exist by the time they can be released due to logging. 

Overall the environment they were recovering in had plenty of fresh leaves and space, always positive to see. From the medical board plenty were due to be released too, unfortunately a lot of them ended up in there because of human cause, cars, dogs and loss of habitat. 

Doing our little bit to protect the wildlife (& our car!) of accidents occurring, we have made a conscious effort to avoid driving at night.


21 January 2014


Paradise. Sea Shells. Fashion. Eyebrow Envy. 

This month Wildfox released their new spring Lookbook & I cant seem to stop myself from continuously looking at the collection of beautiful photographs by Mark Hunter. You can find the full selection here, wildfox-lagoon-spring2014 but these are a few of my favourites. 



Sleepy Towns. Gentle Giants. Exploring. 

A recent road trip on the Pacific Hwy lead us to a cluster of sleepy towns, Taree and Wingham were especially interesting, all I can say is that it was like stepping back in time. 

Outfit choice was a little 80s with my Casio watch & jazzy print shorts. As it was a lazy Sunday all the shops were closed & absolutely no one around but that only aloud me to stare, mouth open in wonder at all the vintage shop displays and signs. 

Just minutes from the town centre is Wingham Lake Reserve. A little walk past a Lagoon leads you to the beginning of a nature trail. The area is known for it's Flying Fox (bats) population, and looking up from the boardwalk it was clear to see why. There were hundreds of bats, hanging from the trees around your head as you explore the bush. After an extremely quick walk, the area opened up to a cluster of the biggest trees I had ever seen. The picture above does not do its size justice. 

Plan for the week: Head North - Surfers Paradise i'm coming for ya. 


20 January 2014



Oasis. Hidden Beaches. Aqua Ocean. Peace.

Its time to spend a few days at Port Macquarie. Situated about half way between Sydney & Brisbane on our adventure North.

One of my favourite things about exploring new places is exploring the history. The town is steeped with site seeing destinations including remains of the original Guard and convict settlements under the information centre. A short walk to the beach follows a stone breakwater wall decorated with guerilla art. The beach itself is breathtaking. Palm trees, hidden walkways, crystal water & rock pools. 

Last night we parked on a hill overlooking the beaches below, watching a lightening storm in the distance, shooting white bolts into the ocean. I am sticking to my New Years Resolution & instead of running for the camera, I enjoyed the moment. One of the best storms I had ever seen. 



Fashion. Photography. Street Style. 

Back in November I wrote an article for The Bloggers Lounge, (you can find it here ) giving tips on how to create street style photography. If you are looking to advance your own fashion blog, or want to develop your confidence with approaching and photographing people, give it a read below, I'd love to know what you think & if more articles like this would be useful to you. 

I am the kind of person whose wardrobe is inspired by what people are wearing while shopping in town centres, or eating out, or any public place in general. The amount of times I have wished I hadn’t left my camera at home as a stylish fashion icon has walked by, but that confidence to approach a stranger and engage in conversation has not always been there.
If you are curious about street style photography, want to create your own portfolio, or have your own fashion blog, then hopefully this article will help you out or at least inspire you to find out more!
So you have got to grips with the basic functions of your camera, you have maybe taken the next step to Manual and all the added work that it brings to photography, focusing, light settings, ISO, the list goes on. Maybe you have gotten some of your friends to model for you and want to take the next step.
The first tip I can offer you is to try and remember the three C’s, Confidence, Contact and Conversation.
From what I have learnt over the years studying photography, my initial confidence when approaching people lasted about 20 seconds, after that the moment had passed and you would most likely end up stalking a stranger rather than talking to them! So,find a good spot in your chosen location where there is decent footfall, pay attention to the backdrop, maybe it a location where there is a nice simple brick wall? then when you have spotted somebody wearing a style you love and they are generally heading in your direction, have your camera ready, take a deep breath and just say “excuse me”. Nice and simple right?
At this point they are most likely eyeing the camera like it is a snake and want to make a bolt for it. Now this can go two ways, they could be interested enough to hang around while you follow the next natural step or they could make their excuses and get the hell outta there! Be prepared for a little rejection, don’t be disheartened, just brush it off and keep going.
So you have a fashionable stranger standing in front of you, they are interested in what you are up to, congratulations! Remember “Contact” – not physical, try not to get weird, a little eye contact goes a long way, show them you are calm, in control and even if this is one of the first people you have approached, pretend its not! Speak clearly and slowly, give them a compliment; you have stopped them for a reason after all and don’t forget to smile!
This communication will naturally follow into a conversation, explain what you are up to, whether you’re taking pictures for your fashion blog, photography project or simply developing your photography skills. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they are up to, ask which shops they love, get a little friendly banter going! Try not to waffle too much; you don’t want to miss your chance to photograph them. By now you should feel a lot more relaxed the hard part is over, ask them if they would like to have their photo taken, if yes job well done, get your shot and thank them, if not you have still achieved an approach and conversation.
Once you have captured your first street style image, you will feel amazing at what you have achieved and there will be no stopping you!
When you are framing the image be conscious of your surroundings, you don’t want a council bin ruining your shot or a stranger “photo-bombing”. For this style of photography I prefer shooting at waist height in portrait. You get a good length, the entire outfit and without getting too technical, with the help of a low aperture you can achieve some nice background blur. Normally when a camera blocks the social communication of conversation, your subject, depending on their confidence might freeze up again, just remember to multi-task and to keep them feeling comfortable to get the image you deserve after all that hard work.
Finally the only way to start seeing some good results is to get out there, practise and have fun.

16 January 2014


Beach Days. Salty Hair. Sun Kissed skin. Inspiration.

This week has been spent recovering from the busy city of Sydney. We are currently based in Newcastle, on our last night here already! After a few days spent surfing, I have been creating our route North, and a very exciting road trip it is! Will be posting more updates here so stay tuned. 

Newcastle was our base while waiting for New Year. It's the type of place where you can become best friends sitting next to someone on a buss stop, walk barefoot around town & stargaze with the clearest view of the moon I have seen in a long time. We will be sad to leave. 

In less than a month I will be at the beautiful Byron Bay. All my favourite Instagram accounts call it their home, Spell & the Gypsy , Hope & May, the list goes on! I can't wait to visit. 

Until that wonderful day comes I have been inspired by my trip to start creating some art. I am currently searching for the perfect notebook & am regretting not packing my coloured pastels! It makes a change from living in the digital world of photography. 

There will also be some tutorials coming showing how to handmake some quirky little items. From having to adapt to living in a car, I have had to make it as comfortable as possible & filling it with my favourite things helps! 

What a productive week! 


9 January 2014


Aqua. GoPro. Mermaid. Summer. 

Today has been hooooot. So I have spent most of it underwater at Clovelly Beach. The ocean is such a pretty colour here. Dreams of mermaid tails and a free shell bra. First time snorkelling in beautiful conditions & so many different types of fish! 

Here are a few screen grabs from underwater filming we were playing with! Everything is always more dramatic in black & white. We are now relaxing in the sun with salty skin and tired muscles. 




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