18 November 2014


|| November Marks the First Year Travelling ||

Dedicated to all our loved ones at home. There is nowhere quite like it. 


15 November 2014


|| Mountain winds sound exactly like the Ocean's Waves ||

The gear has been ordered. Boards have been polished. The snow has started to fall. Ice covers the floor, the evenings are dark but the fires are lit. Each hand is gloved, hot chocolate in throat. Waiting. The temperatures are minus. Sun kissed freckles have vanished. People are queuing. The gondolas are running, chair lifts are moving, the shops are stocked. 

The doors have opened. The mountain season has begun. 


14 November 2014


|| What's all this white stuff - Bambi || 

The snow has finally arrived! Perfectly timed with our Banff Ambassador tour on the weekend...

On a beautiful snowy Sunday morning we walked down to the buss armed with our cameras and a desire to see more of what Banff National Park has to offer. The wonderful buss driver from Discover Banff did her best to show us some of the sightseeing lookout points over the town and Banff Springs Hotel, but sadly the mist from the snow clouds meant we were looking at a wall of white. 

Dressed up in our winter gear (& my gorgeous new Bonfire Jacket!)we still failed at preparing for the harsh -20 temperatures. The tour continued through the old highway passing forests and meadows, where we were lucky enough to see a heard of Elks grazing in a meadow. 

When we finally arrived at Lake Louise it was incredible to see how much it had changed since we were there two weeks ago (Post here ! ). The lake had started to frost over by the edges and the trees were covered in fresh snowfall. 

Now with a delicious day off before the Mountain opens over the weekend, I am sat with a hot chocolate doing more training for what feels like all the snow brands that have ever existed, ever. And also buying lots of thermals... 


6 November 2014


|| Pumpkins | Costumes | Exercise || 

It has been a pretty eventful October. A blur of Thanksgiving meals, mountain biking trips, hiking and Halloween... 

Time is going so quickly between work & friends. The snow has arrived at Sunshine Village & we have had the luxury of riding the Gondolas to the village instead of relying on the vintage school busses! Not long now until we open, excited to get shooting some snowboard photography.  

Our Halloween pumpkins have been drawing in all sorts of wildlife from around the national park. The ones that have finally given in and rotted from the balcony have been cleaned up by a few herds of deer. I don't think I will ever get used to passing a Stag in the street. 

Over the past few weeks we have been hiking around areas of Banff, like Tunnel Mountain, which leads to a lookout over Banff town. We also explored the insanely beautiful Lake Louise last weekend! Some pre-snowboarding muscles are definitely being built. The winter nights are drawing in, but the fairy lights strung around our balcony make it a little bit brighter. So ready to get into the Christmas spirit now Halloween is out the way! 




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