27 March 2015


|| Collect Moments Not Things ||

Tails were wagging in anticipation, they knew what was about to happen. Cries escaped them, bound to the sledge. Straining. I was just as excited. 

The Snowy Owl dog sledding company, based just outside of Canmore, Alberta, has been running tours with traditional sled dog breeds since the early 80's. It was recommended to us for being a company that truly puts the dogs needs first and cherishes the amazing creatures they are. 

Walking up to the sleighs after our safety pitch, where we were given information on safety & riding the sled, we were finally introduced to the pack. The group clearly shared the same love towards dogs as I do, as we all quickly became hands on, given them love and attention. Me & my partner, Andrew, both had time to be in control of the sled, at some points hanging on for dear life around some sketchy corners. Those pups are strong. Some paws were protected with little "red booties" that were there to protect the softer padding. With the weather merging into spring, the trails are almost coming to a bare muddy end, luckily we were able to experience this all just in time... 


20 March 2015


Spring's here.

|| Great time for Great New Beginnings || 

18 March 2015


|| We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong ||

Continuing our Jasper adventure : Log cabins, fresh views & warm Raspberry & White chocolate scones...  

The small mountain town of Jasper is home to some quirky tourist stores and hidden cafes bursting with incredible homemade food. We got spoilt inside the Bear's Paw Cafe, known for their pastries, where I bought a whole bag of scones...and have not stopped thinking about them since.

I had my first experience driving in Canada, it was surreal being on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road! But we safely arrived at our wilderness cabin in the woods. It was back to basics with no running water, but we had been through worse living in our car in Australia! We had the luxury of heating...until Melissa turned it off...slept in bunk beds and sat around a fire waiting for the stars to appear. 
The next day we headed to Marmot Mountain for some snow scenery. We were able to see some avalanche blasting, mountain rescue dog training and caught some footage on the GoPro of us all showing off our lack of skills...Available to witness in our mini vid. Enjoy. 


16 March 2015


|| Life is too deep for words, so don't try to describe it, just live it - C.S.Lewis || 

Flying through the remainder of my Canadian Bucket list, this week I finally did some road tripping with my housemates and explored what Jasper had to offer. Leaving Banff in crisp Spring air, we drove through the Bow Valley Parkway, known for spotting wildlife, towards the Columbia Ice fields. Its a scenic route through Banff National Park forests and mountains; the Glaciers are a incredible sight. The crisp winds were freezing our eyelashes and hues of blue were standing out in contrast from the snow. 

Its about a four hour drive to Jasper, so regular stops at lakes and lookouts that were still within hiking distance and not closed off from the snow made up our sight seeing experience. Peyto Lake, normally crystal blue in colour was still frozen over but the views to the mountains surrounding it were worth the hike. 

I finally caved in and joined the selfie stick club...I should have bought one sooner! Capturing our experience on the snow at Marmot Mountain made for some hilarious movie footage when we finally got home. Cant wait to edit it up. 

Who out there has some good GoPro Tips? 


12 March 2015


|| Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual " - Ernest Hemingway ||

Image source : Pinterest


8 March 2015


|| She's the road trips she hopes to go on ||

This has been a long Winter. With a few weeks to go until Spring, dog walks, lighter jumpers and longer evenings, I have heard it is about to get colder here in Alberta. huh?

With the temperatures dropping off to -20 again it felt like the perfect time to explore the infamous Hot Springs. The springs are the liquid gold that brought people through Banff in the beginning of the towns history. It was rustic, steam pumped up from the ground and the smell of Sulphur was in the air. It didn't take much to imagine the curiosity of the early explorers climbing through a small hole in the rock to investigate the source of the hot water flowing down the mountain. 

We looked at historic art work, wandered through the boardwalks around the marshland and later absorbed our day with pancakes and hot chocolates. Weekends are a chance to recharge, i'm constantly looking for fresh inspiration and jump at the chance to do something new. After a extra hour sleep in bed of course.

How did you spend your weekend?




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